OHT Brings The Spa To You




OHT L.A. understands that every person is unique.


HEAL PAIN with a Therapeutic massage for pain management. Medical massage for medical conditions by using rehabilitation techniques that compliment your physical therapy needs. See Membership.


HEAL SORENESS by Releasing tension from sore, stressed or tight muscles with a Deep Tissue.  Prepare for your “Big Game” or strenuous workout with a Sports massage or recover from a sports injury/event. See Holistic Services.


HEAL STRESS with relaxation!! Enhance your Swedish Massage with a personal spa experience. OHT L.A. will provide you with an in home spa design. See Spa Experience Packages.


HEAL QUICKLY Enhance your treatment. You may add hot stones and powerful essential oils through aromatherapy to enhance your treatment. Select Enhance at checkout.


HEAL CELLS Detox, weight loss & cellulite reduction is the key!! The Thermal Wrap or IT WORKS! body wraps will be the best service for you. Sweat out toxins and tighten skin with this natural remedy. See Detox Services.


HEAL Qi/Chi If revitalization is needed for sluggish energy or poor immune system, bring life to your day with a Reiki, Shiatsu or a Thai massage service! See Revitalizing Services.


Holistic Services (60/deluxe 90/OHT extreme 120)

Deep Tissue                                                                      $125/$155/$175

Medical Massage                                                              $125/$155/$175

Sports Massage                                                                $125/$155/$175

Therapeutic Massage                                                       $145/$175/$195

Revitalization Services (60/deluxe 90/OHT extreme 120)

Combination 2 Modalities                                                $175/$205/$225

Aura Healing                                                                     $125/$155/$175

Craniosacral Therapy                                                      $110/$140/$160

Shiatsu                                                                              $110/$140/$160

Thai Massage                                                                   $110/$140/$160

Reiki                                                                                  $125/$155/$175

Reflexology Organ Treatment                                        $85/$125/$155

Detoxing Services (60/deluxe 90/OHT extreme 120)

Detox It works! Body Wrap                                              $150/$180/$200

Body Scrub & Thermal Body Wrap                                 $265/$295/$315

Body Sculpting Cellulite Treatment                                $310/$340/$360

Office Visit Menu (30/60/120 event/3hr event/5hr event)

Chair Massage                                                                  $55/$85/$135/$305/$475

Headache Remedy                                                            $55

Scalp, Hands & Neck Massage                                        $45

Reflexology Hand & Foot                                                 $45

Spa Experience Package (120min) Customized

Swedish Massage                                                             $445

Deep Tissue                                                                      $475

Rose Pedals & Lavender Thermal Wrap                         $675

Customized Spa Experience Treatments

Full Body Consult & Treatment Plan, Essential Oils Aromatherapy , Hot Stones & Body Scrub

Cancellation Policy
Same day appointments must be cancelled 4 hours prior to appointment time for full refund. A $50 fee will be charged for appointments not cancelled 4 hours prior to appointment time.