My name is Charity Elder, founder of Our Healing Touch LosAngeles.

My life as a Massage Therapist startqed in 2002. A month before I graduated from college, I was in a rollover car accident. Fear of living with chronic pain, took over my youth. I contantly battled with headaches, neck and back pain. Sleep became scarce due to discomfort from a dislocated shoulder as well as damage to my rib cage and lungs. The worst came a few months later when I was diagnosed with two herniated disks in my back that caused paralysis at least twice a year.


For 3 years, I could not sit, stand, nor walk without pain. After Physical Therapy and countless visits to the Chiropractor, I decided to seek other natural forms of healing so that I could stay active. Massage seemed to be the only “cure” to my pain. It definitely opened many doors to a pain free lifestyle.


I currently specialize in energy healing called Reiki and Shiatsu (Japanese massage).  I recommend taking this opportunity to try an ancient form of massage therapy and see what physical healing it opens for you. Massage is recommended for reducing pain, relieving stress, and also improving posture. Let Our Healing Touch show you how we have encouraged healing in thousands across Southern California.